Keynote Address: Way forward for Pharma Companies beyond 2020

Deciphering Healthcare Regulatory Conundrum

Deliberation on the latest development on regulatory front in the healthcare industry. Special focus on the pharmaceutical promotion code, price capping on medical devices and drugs, drug or other healthcare promotion ethics and discussion on the generic vs branded debate.

Creating the perfect Patient Support Program

Healthcare delivery across industry verticals has become more patient centric in nature. For the same reasons, verticals who are distanced from their end consumers through their customers (who are essentially prescribers) connect with the patient community through patient support programs. But what defines a successful patient support program and how can they be made more effective?

Digital Therapeutics: Power of Data, AI and Analytics

Leveraging the power of data in building effective promotional program

Engaging Data Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for building effective marketing programs
Synopsis: with the advancement of technology and newer technologies coming up more often, most businesses today are in AI and analytics platform. Data which is collected by most organizations to enhance business efficiencies are more accessible these days and are used for effective promotional program. In pertinence to the Indian market, AI and data analytics is an evolving market and is soon to pick up pace across sectors, with the emphasis that government holds for it. The theme discussion will focus on leveraging the power of data for enhancing promotional practices by healthcare solution and service providers.