What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know from Emerging Trends & Success Stories in India
* By Atul Sharma, Founder, Healthscape

Healthcare Marketing best practices have changed and changing dramatically, in the age of well informed and empowered patients and physicians as our primary target audience.

The First Ever HealthMEX Summit to be held on 24th May,19 at Mumbai brings an opportunity to learn emerging trends & best practices from the leaders inter sectoral players e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Devices, Diagnostic, Hospitals, Technology Companies together on a common platform.

In-fact in my over 30 years of experience, I did never get an opportunity to have Healthcare inter-sectoral learnings, until I have to move from a leading pharma company to leading hospital, then to University Teaching Hospital, to a consulting company where I had to work on projects for large diagnostic and device companies. This is the time I have a wider orientation to exploring possibilities of creating collective value proposition and sustainable engagements. I got a limited exposure with techy companies which are creating new value propositions to give ease to access, connect, engage at convenience of patients and physicians.

HealthMEX Summit is creating an opportunity to bring all inter-sectoral leaders on a common platform, share their vision on trends and showcase their best in business case studies, on value proposition, patients physicians engagement, leveraging technology to augment engagement of field force, or improve their affinity with target audience, exploring fundamentals of creative capitalism used within inter-sectoral healthcare companies on this platform.

This event will also give opportunity to bring up excellence in marketing across sector and be recognized by eminent jury.

To make this event more interactive, I need your frank opinions as how do you see this first ever healthcare inter-sectoral platform, will it be an opportunity to learn differently, value created with other sectors, value created by technology companies, will it create opportunity to explore possible collaboration for superior collective value proposition?

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