• By Dr. Sudhakar Gayakwad, Vice President, FCB Ulka
Dr. Sudhakar Gayakwad

Healthcare firms undergo a lot of industry pressure when it comes to enhancing their marketing initiatives. They campaign on a lot of initiatives but have to hold back from promotions owing to regulatory reasons. Budget for digital campaigning and marketing is again another key factor that cannot be overlooked by any potential player in the healthcare sector. If we can design a mechanism to measure success of digital versus other initiatives in the healthcare domain, the people working at the ground level will perceive it differently and will stay motivated. Simply juxtaposing digital campaigns of other domains like finance, automobile or others may only lead to irrational tallying of skill-sets and data, as these domains are far ahead of the game. Today, a lot of start-ups are coming up with easy healthcare solutions at our finger-tips, which are based on some set algorithms, which is where the diagnosis through apps can go wrong. In a nut-shell, the pharma industry should be careful with adapting tech based innovations. Expecting digital initiatives of pharma companies to work like that of other domains is unfair. Each sector is different and its treatment should be different. Healthcare sector’s ecosystem is different and it is a sensitive field. Hence, promotions and marketing through any medium should be dealt with sensitively.