– By Atul Sharma, Founder of HealthScape and HealthMex Summit and Awards

To make your marketing efforts relevant and updated in coming years, are we ready to make some critical shifts, say artificial intelligence to machine learning, physician’s interaction to voice assist, e-detailing to e-services, friends this is an emerging reality not a fiction. Let us look at some of the merging trends and these trends should be on a watch list of each pharma marketers.
1. Smart Multichannel Mix, our physicians and patients have access to information on a touch of there smartphones, however both physicians and patients are looking for experience of medical services and experience similar to Amazon.
2. Build your solutions while keeping patients in the centre of decision-making processes, as each of the stakeholder is targeting patients in core of their business e.g. Hospitals, Physicians, Care Providers etc.
3. New engagement experience between medical representatives and physicians by using smart multichannel approach e.g. live videos on demand, interactive detailing, e-sampling etc.
4. Create your content for emerging mobile generation, explore technology solutions to be there when they are seeking for information and create an experience.
5. Artificial intelligence, machine learing and big data is a reality of the day, how do you use them to create favourable experience for both physicians and patients, using these tactics in your medical marketing efforts.
6. Using technology to cut cost, remotely control, track physicians’ choice & patients’ journey will provide you real time decision making
7. Aim to converge digital health and human interactions
To summarize the above, future of pharma marketing lies in adopting digital technologies, believing that machines & devices are there not to replace you but to augment your intelligence